How to setup and use the service

Once you have logged in, the initial screen will show you details on your subscription and recent activity.

If it is your first time signing in, then the first step you need to take is to review the Alert Management Page, and add the users you want to be notified if any of your searches find a match.

Under the My Searches section, you can add in details of each search you want the system to perform. You can enter specific details, such as John Doe, Raheen, Limerick, or use a wider search of just Surname of Doe in Limerick.

Each day, our system will perform a search using the terms you have entered and if there is any matching Death Notices, any users defined in your Alerts will be notified by email.

If you have signed up to our Premium Package, you can upload a CSV/Excel file from your PC at any stage, to perform an immediate search. Using this method, none of your client details are ever saved in our system. Click here to get a sample template file to use for uploading.